PICAN Membership Application Process:

  1. Interested organizations who fulfill the requirements of PICAN membership set out in the PICAN Constitution download a PICAN Membership Application Form and complete it.
  2. Organisations send their completed Application Form by email to the PICAN Coordinator, Shirley Laban (
  3. The PICAN Coordinator confirms receipt of the application by email within one week of receipt.
  4. The PICAN Coordinator will send a request for any further information or clarification from the organization by email within two weeks of receipt.
  5. Upon receipt of any further needed information or clarification the Coordinator will circulate the application to all members allowing them one month to raise any objections.
  6. Following this one-month period the Coordinator will communicate the application decision to the organization.
  7. Successful applicant organization(s) at this stage must receive and agree to in writing the CAN Charter and PICAN Charter (including agreement from the organization’s management).
  8. New members will then be introduced to the membership and provided with an information pack on CAN and necessary information on PICAN and communication tools etc.
  9. If there are any issues or difficulties during the above process they can initially be referred to: XXXX
  10. In case an applicant complains about being denied membership by PICAN, an appeal may be made to the CAN secretariat who will notify the CAN board, who may attempt to resolve the dispute. If this intervention fails, the matter may be referred to the General Assembly for final resolution.
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