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PICAN is an informal Network linking civil society organizations working on climate change.  Since 2013, it has brought together civil society actors across the Pacific Island countries, advocating for climate justice and environmental integrity. PICAN aims to unite civil society under a common voice to increase the influence and impact of their advocacy demands on Pacific Island governments, leading non-Pacific governments to respond with more powerful and ambitious climate change policies and action at the national and regional level. As part of CAN, the worldwide network of over 1,500 Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) across the world, PICAN works to ensure the Pacific Island civil society is represented at the international level.

PICAN recognizes the unique challenges that Pacific island civil society organization face their work (remoteness, low population sizes, isolation from international networks, vulnerability to environmental and economic shocks), and the high degree of vulnerability of Pacific people and communities: in particular, from our geographical remoteness, the small scale of our economies, high costs and the adverse effects of climate change and natural disasters, and increasing loss and damage from permanent and irreversible impacts of human-induced climate change.

We have members in all Pacific countries,and national nodes in locations with many members like VCAN (in Vanuatu), SICAN (in Solomon Islands) to KIRICAN (in Kiribati) and TUCAN (in Tuvalu), to strengthen national civil society coordination and service delivery while at the same time, enabling national priorities to be channeled to the highest international levels.

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